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Hungarian Cultural Institute in the U.S.

"We propose the establishment of a Hungarian Cultural Institute in America envisioned as a cooperation of geographically dispersed, individually functioning satellite branches. "

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"Instead of a central location, we propose the idea of a satellite system, thus, the institute would be based on the existing structure of Hungarian-American organizations, physically scattered in the country. "

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"Each of the participating organizations at one particular location would have to coordinate their resources in order to come up with the best and most efficient solution to provide a branch, or a satellite of the Hungarian Cultural Institute."

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"We believe that the Kossuth House Social Club could serve as a model for other branches around the country."

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The idea for a cultural institute in the U.S. has been around for a long time. However, a new physical location for the institute has always proved to be a blocking factor in its realization. Such a one-location physical center burdens the centralized high start-up costs, staffing, and resources, not to mention limited accessibility.
In response to these problems, we have conceptualized a satellite-structured cultural institute that would build on the existing Hungarian-American organizations and their resources around the country. Communication and the sharing of information resources between the branches would occur on the Internet; thus, people could visit their closest physical location to gain access to the resources of the entire virtual institute. We hope that organizations from locations with traditionally high number of Hungarians - New York, Northern New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida - will increasingly participate.
In this satellite structure, there is no need for a central institute. However, if the Hungarian Governments plans for one in New York materialize, it could also serve much more efficiently if integrated into this system. We believe that the Kossuth House Social Club in Washington, D.C., is already operating as an example how a satellite branch is envisioned to work.

Response by the Hungarian Ministry of National Cultural Heritage